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Baseline Ecological Surveys

  • Phase 1 Habitats Survey
  • Legally protected species & fauna**
  • Biodiversity target species
  • Designated wildlife sites
  • Protection, enhancement & mitigation options

**protected species surveys include great crested newt, bats, badger, breeding and overwintering birds, reptiles, dormice, water vole and white clawed crayfish.

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Kingfisher by Peter Trimming
Barn Copyright David Stowell

Development Appraisal

  • Impact Avoidance
  • Site safeguard & protection
  • Species protection
  • Habitats fragmentation & species isolation avoidance
  • Planning Conditions & Obligations
  • BREEAM/ CSH ecology credits
  • Appropriate Assessment (under EU Habitats Regulations)
  • Mitigation & Enhancement Measures

Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (ecological appraisals & ecology chapter)
  • Proof of Evidence & Expert Witness appearance
  • Appropriate Assessment (Habitats Regulations)
Otter Copyright Peter Trimming
Land Copyright Adam Ward

Land Management Plans

  • Wildlife Reserve Management Plans
  • Ecological landscape & design plans
  • Entry & Higher Level Stewardship Schemes

Operational Professional Support

  • Works method statements
  • Ecologist Site supervisor (ecological clerk of works)
  • Implementation of planning conditions & mitigation measures
  • Residential & business construction
  • Sustainable energy projects
  • Highways
  • Railway engineering projects (PTS certified ecologist)
Railway Copyright Jo Lxix
Red Squirrel Copyright Peter Trimming

Wildlife & Planning Legislation

  • Protected species licence applications
  • National and European wildlife law.
  • Planning control and guidance.
  • National & Local Biodiversity Action Plans

Consultation & Liaison

Professional liaison on your behalf with:

  • Statutory agencies such as Natural England & The Environment Agency
  • Local authority ecologists & environmental planners
  • Agencies such as the RSPB, Wildlife Trusts & local Biological Records Centres
Frog Copyright Martin Pettitt

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